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Fujifilm GF 55mm F1.7 R WR

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Setting the Standard

Meet the new standard for the GFX System. GF55mmF1.7 R WR combines a versatile focal length with a fast maximum aperture to deliver exceptional, high-resolution images for a broad range of applications.

From street to portraiture, landscapes to travel, this highly portable optic delivers a natural perspective making it an essential partner on your GFX journey. Expect uncompromising image quality, impeccable handling, responsive autofocus and rugged durability. Expect a lens that goes beyond expectations.

The Natural Angle of View
Matching GF55mmF1.7 R WR's focal length with the diagonal measurement of a GFX System camera's imaging sensor creates an angle of view that is very similar to view of the human eye. This unlocks an abundance of detail within each image, especially when it is combined with the system's native 4:3 aspect ratio. Amidst the vast sea of visual perspectives, GF55mmF1.7 is truly a wonderful, all-around solution for any visual style.

Delivering the Detail
GF55mmF1.7 R WR delivers high-resolution images packed with punchy contrast, beautiful colours and exquisite tones. It utilises two aspherical lenses and two ED lenses to suppress axial chromatic aberration. Aperture adjustments are also coordinated with the front and rear lens groups, which maintains consistent levels of aberration correction regardless of the focus position.

Go For Bokeh!
Combining a fast maximum aperture with a large format sensor is the perfect recipe for sumptuous bokeh and GF55mmF1.7 R WR does not disappoint. It is the first GF Lens to feature 11 diaphragm blades, resulting in a near-perfect circular aperture, even at F4 or F5.6. The result is images with outstanding bokeh, distortion-free highlights and minimal aberrations.

Optimised Autofocus
On top of exceptional image quality, GF55mmF1.7 R WR delivers impeccable autofocusing. Its near-silent, vibration-free DC motor produces a fast, flawless performance that ensures no moment is missed, however fleeting.

Ready for Every Day
Lightweight and durable, GF55mmF1.7 R WR is ideal for every occasion. Its weather-resistant design confidently repels water, dust and low temperatures, while its modest dimensions and 780g (27.5oz) weight make it comfortable to carry all day long. It’s simply the perfect lens to make a part of your everyday creative life.


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