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Fujifilm GFX 50s II with GF 35-70mm

Photography is a practice of pursuing perfection, a continual balance between searching for quality and having total control that allows for the perfect image to exist between the moments that are seen and unseen. Hold space for those moments with Fujifilm GFX50S II and explore a new world of creative possibilities.

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Step into a New Level of Image Quality

Physically larger than full-frame sensors by approximately 1.7x, the 51.4MP large format sensor inside of GFX50S II is a specially designed CMOS Bayer array that delivers images with minimal noise and an incredibly wide dynamic range. Paired with its family of G Mount lenses, the result is a perfect marriage between the camera body and lens, leaving photographers of all levels joyful in the simplicity of easily acheiving wonderful image quality.

Room for Perfection

Not all sensors are created equal. Compared to full-frame 50MP sensors, GFX50S II’s large format 50MP sensor is uniquely different because each pixel is larger and able to collect more data per pixel comparative to full-frame sensors of the same resolution. This results a stronger signal-to-noise ratio, which surpresses noise, increases dynamic range, and produces images with more information per pixel.

It’s Not Just about Resolution

GFX50S II’s large format imaging sensor isn’t just physically larger than every full-frame sensor out there, it also has specially shaped microlenses that are small enough to leave space between the sensor’s pixels, which allows it to efficiently focus light to create images with striking detail and clarity.

Large Format Quality Is Within Your Grasp

At just 900g (1.98lb), GFX50S II is compact enough to bring on an adventure into the city, or out into the expanses of wild beyond. Regardless of where it goes, its ergonomic grip and intuitive controls will put the best images at the fingertips of any capable image-maker.

6.5 Stops of In-Body Image Stabilization

Up to 6.5 stops* of five-axis in-body image stabilization (IBIS) is packed into GFX50S II’s compact camera body, unlocking new levels of creativity for photographers wanting to work more freely with slower shutter speeds. Even when light levels are low and a tripod isn’t availble, steady images are on the hoirzon.

Description Quantity
Shoulder Strap1
62mm Lens Cap1
iM2200 Black Flight Case1
Fujifilm USB Drive (Containing user manual)1
UK Plug Adapter (Attached to AC-5VJ AC Power Adapter)1
GFX Mount Body Cap1
GFX Metal Strap Clips (Attached to Camera)2
GFX Mount Rear Lens Cap1
Cable Protector1
62mm Protector Filter1
NP-W235 Battery2
AC-5VJ AC Power Adapter1
USB C Cable1
GF 35-70mm F4.5-5.6 WR1
35-70 Lens Hood1
Eye Piece1
64GB Professional 250mb/s v60 UHS-II SDXC Card (in camera)1
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